Unity Statement:
In celebration of our rich diversity, identity and histories, we, the Filipino women of GABRIELA BC, recognize the need to come together as Pinays to assert and uphold our right to exist with dignity and in peace. We are united in continuing the ongoing struggle of Filipino women locally, as well as globally, for our liberation and the national democratic aspirations of our people.

We envision Gabriela BC as:

  • A movement working towards a society where Filipinas globally can have full access to basic rights within their homes, places of work, schools, and communities;
  • An inclusive women’s organization which creates intentional space to discuss gender justice rooted in the historical understanding of systems of oppression;
  • A women’s collective that builds healthy and deep connections with its community, as well as establish support and solidarity with other groups, organizations, and communities;
  • A place to develop strong, committed, and courageous leaders in the community;
  • Fostering growth in the local and global community through education, discussion, campaigns, and actions encouraging social change;
  • An anti-imperialist movement for women’s liberation that is grounded in the National Democratic movement, which aims for complete sovereignty of the Philippines.

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